Jeremy DiBattista

Hello, welcome to my personal website!

Skills and Technologies

Here is a brief summary of all of the tools and technologies I have used before. All ranked 1 to 10 by proficiency! Click a category to learn more!

Current Computer Science Experience

Cloud Python Machine Learning Engineer
  • Created analytical data pipelines in GCP for processing real-time streaming data to Healthbridge’s client-side application.

  • Built a deep convolutional neural network in order to predict a patient diagnosis given the details of the encounter (prescriptions, tests, etc)

  • Capital One - Data Engineering Internship
    Inbound Payments
  • Created a real time Python Dash application that utilizes Pandas and various Kafka streams to monitor, alert, and provide advanced analytics into customer indirect payments throughout each step of file processing

  • Built with modular potential, allowing application to be applied to many different processes and begin a potential company-wide transformation to bring together disconnected monitoring system

  • Denning Technology and Management Capstone with Equifax
    Year-long paired research project in subprime auto lending
  • Investigated and presented on the problem of identifying if predicting when defaults will occor (not just if) is valuable infomation for lenders

  • Utilized Pandas and Equifax's internal data to estimate the value of this timing information and present to Equifax executives

  • Fall 2019 Innovation with Chick-fil-A
    Created an automated system for analyzing and classifying Chick-fil-A helpdesk audio files
  • Utilized AWS Step Functions as well as Lambda, Transcribe, and Comprehend in order to automatically transform thousands of mp3 files to text and discern individual speakers
  • Utilized latent dirichlet allocation (LDA), an unsupervised machine learning technique to create a file classification system
  • Visualized and delivered result summaries using Python, Gensim, NLTK and PyLDAvis

  • Citi - Architecture and Technology Engineering
    Leveraged Splunk as well as machine learning tool kits such as Scikitlearn to create real time machine learning models.
  • Most relevant project included using Kalman filter to project future network usage, thereby detecting anomalies and planning for heigtened usage periods
  • Accurate to within 2% of real network usage

  • Created an internal Alexa application capable of examining and relaying best and worst internal client portfolio information

    Georgia Institute of Technology - Data Visualization Lab
    Created a workshop using Jupyter notebook detailing how to use Plotly's Python API as well as Pandas and Numpy in order to create 3D visualizations
  • Conducted 2 workshops teaching students with little python experience how to import, filter, and display data
  • Student reviews on workshop averaged 4+/5

  • Gained an understanding of how to use different visualization and analytical tools such as SAS, Tableau, and D3

    Fall 2017 Innovation with Chick-fil-A
    Created a customer segment identification engine that utilizes PySpark in a Hadoop Environment and Chick-fil-A customer data to identify customers and tailor marketing strategies
  • Groomed a dataset of 1 million people using the Chick-fil-A One app, and clustered them based on ordering behavioral patterns
  • Configured (using Bash scripts) and utilized an Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) environment for distributive data processing
  • Used Principal Component Analysis on 70+ columns to visualize segments in a 3D space using Plotly
  • Plot of customer segments after PCA reduction:
  • Successful results prompted the increase in funding to purchasing and using customer data for enterprise solutions

  • Spring 2017 Internship with IT at Chick-fil-A
    Created a speech detection bot that can assist, display, respond and access in store operations and sales data in real time
  • Worked with in-store Production APIs to allow questions about on the clock employees, and daily sales and operating efficiency
  • Allowed for questions such as menu recipes, holding times, ingredient logs, and equipment usage
  • Essentially we created a more robust, free form, and Chick-fil-A specific version of the Amazon Show
  • My role on the team was formatting the skill model, lambda, and dynamo table. (Angular web app pursued by teammates)

  • Speech bot was leveraged to gain an additional increase in innovation spending from Chick-Fil-A executives
  • The final presentation of the design leveraged funding to an innovation center in Midtown Atlanta.
  • Presented to the former CIO of Google X, as well as Chick-fil-A's CEO, CIO, and other leadership.
  • Presented in a restaurant of the future showcase to all Chick-fil-A operators in February 2018

  • Wrote Machine learning algorithms (Ridge Regression) to detect and predict trends in item sales data
  • This supervised machine learning algorithm used product mix data and sklearn Python algorithms, and was generally was able to give the accurate number of a specific items sold in the next 2 weeks within a 5% margin

  • Wrote scripts for a conversational order taker AI using Python natural language toolkits and Levenshtein distance formulas
  • Wrote portions of the conversation flow. In addition, gained an adept understanding of natural language processing in breaking down sentences to find meaning and continue meaningful conversation.

  • Relevant Projects
    Currently spending free time exploring creating educational software as a learning experiment that will utilize machine learning to better cater to student needs
  • Project includes use of skills such as Flask, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy

  • Relevant Coursework
    Machine Learning for Trading, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Project Design and Technical Communication, Intro to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Systems Architecture, Database Design, Data Structures and Algorithms, Objects and Design, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Multi-variable Calculus, Applied Combinatorics, Object Oriented Programming in java, Linear Algebra and Abstract Vector Spaces, Introduction to Functional Computing in python

    Investments / Business

    Throughout my time in college, I have had a passion for wanting to utilize my advanced computing skills and bring these to a financial analytics role. I love working and dealing with investments and money, as well as the thrill of problem solving computer science provides.  I spend hours daily on LinkedIn, Forbes, and Yahoo Finance just reading the latest news and trends in finance as well as IT.  This has lead me to pursue opportunities mixing both of these disciplines. I hope to continue to expand my breadth in this area and find opportunities that allow me to do so .

    Machine Learning for Trading
    During the spring of 2018 I enrolled in a course called Machine Learning for Trading. This course was by far my favorite class, and aimed to teach high frequency trading concepts using ID3 decision trees, markov decision processes, and Q learning algorithms. I am passionate about this area and want to learn more.

    Denning Technology and Management Program
    I am currently enrolled in this competitive minor program which will yield me a minor in Computing and Business. The purpose of joining the program is to give my computing background knowledge of business fundamentals such as management, finance, investing, accounting, and networking.  In addition, as part of the program, I participated in a study abroad in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to earn an international business certificate from the University of Shenzhen. I plan to use my participation in the program to pursue ways to merge my love for finance and computing.

    Investments Committee
    For 2 years in college, I was a member of Georgia Tech's Investments Committee. The goal of this was to research and present on good value companies for increasing Georgia Tech's endowment through wise investments and stock allocations.
    During Spring 2017, I was a Senior Analyst in the Investments Committee

    Personal Investing
    I take pride in my ability to wisely manage money for my future self. I have had a passion for watching savings grow my entire life, and have had a job since I started a dog walking business at 10. My freshman year of college I took all of the money I had earned and put them into various investments accounts that I manage myself, and I have seen great growth and success. This has lead me to become commonly sought after by peers for advice on stock allocation. Since freshman year, I have established multiple portfolios using my own money including Individual Taxable accounts as well as Roth IRAs, and I dedicate myself to creating sustainable saving for the future, whether that money goes into a house, retirement, or even a startup/business venture is yet to be seen.

    Other cool projects!

    I am certified in Revit Architecture, and have helped design a product in Inventor that is currently available on Amazon! I am proud of them and like to show them off!

    Atlanta Observation Deck

    Craftsman House

    Did You Feed The Dog?

    International Space Station Conceptual Design

    A little extra knowledge!

    Some Extra Facts about me!
    I love to play chess - as a kid I won my district chess tournament every year!
    I am a huge hockey and football fan - love supporting my favorite teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers!
    I am an eagle scout - achieved the honor at the young age of 13!
    I love to stay active - I enjoy swimming, tennis, and weightlifting!
    I really enjoy random facts - seriously - ask me about any subject and I'm sure to know something different

    You made it!
    Did you make it this far? I know it is a lot, and I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me!
    If you have something - it can be anything - that you think will peak my interest, feel free to contact me!